I dug up 15 facts about President Gerald Ford Jr. you might not know.



Gerald Ford Jr was the 38th President of the United States and served from 1974 to 1977. Born in Omaha Nebraska, at the age of only 16 days old he and his mother moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where he was raised. So, I believe it is safe to say that he is a true Michigander.

Thanks to Wikipedia.com and Legendsofamerica.com, I was able to discover some interesting, some fun, and some cool facts about the President that was homegrown here in the mitten state.

Facts About Gerald Ford...

  1. Gerald Ford Jr original birth name was Leslie Lynch King Jr
  2. Gerald Ford held his daughter's prom at the White House.
  3. Gerald Ford once worked as a fashion model for Cosmopolitan and Look magazines in the 1940’s.
  4. Gerald Ford became vice president and president without being elected to either office.
  5. Gerald Ford was the only President who had two assassination attempts on his life carried out by woman.
  6. Gerald Ford was on a postage stamp in 2007.
  7. Gerald Ford lived longer then any other President.
  8. Gerald Ford is the only President who was employed by the National Park Service. He served as a Yellowstone Park Ranger in 1936.
  9. Gerald Ford only served 895 days as President, the shortest term of any President who did not die in office.
  10. President Ford died on the 34 anniversary of President Harry Truman's death.
  11. Comedian Bob Hope was President Ford's long time friend, they played golf often with each other.
  12. While serving as president Gerald had a Golden Retriever named Liberty.
  13. Gerald Ford turned down an offer to play professional football for the Detroit Lions and The Green Bay Packers.
  14. President Ford went to Grand Rapids South High School and was the captain of the football team.
  15. Gerald Ford was an Eagle Scout.

If you want to discover more about President Ford you can always spend a day at The Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids!