If he's calling women "chicks" and talking about his ex like all three of you are friends, run.

According to Cosmopolitan, if this is your guy, you should leave him.

"1. Guys who body-shame you. Every time you wear something you love, he suggests you put on something else because it's a little tight or revealing, as if you have something you need to cover up and hide."  Whether he is too protective, or he thinks you've had too many burgers, leave him.  You deserve to be with someone who loves every small thing about your body.  You deserve someone who will make you a burger.

"2. Guys who say "chicks" in earnest. I know there are guys who say 'chicks' in a joking way and that's fine, I get it. But guys who legitimately use the word 'chicks' as though they're extras in a local production of Grease but are in fact guys who work at a Dick's Sporting Goods and wear frayed front baseball caps and also probably use the word "score" to mean sex probably are not worth your time."  

"3. Guys who are rude to elderly people. There is almost zero reason to be rude to anyone but particularly to elderly people. Guys who are dicks to the elderly or say things like, "Move it, old man," are insufferable because most elderly people just want to grow old peacefully and are polite to everyone."  Respect your elders you disrespectful a-hole.  Is this how you want him to treat your grandparents?

"4. Guys who tell you you're "not like other girls."  Saying I'm not like most girls implies that most of them are worthless or horrible, which isn't true and means you have issues I'd rather never, ever have to deal with. Bye."  My boyfriend tells me I'm not like other girls, and I take pride in that, but only because he loves me.  I feel that guys will say that just to make you feel special so they can get you into bed.  If he says, "you're not like other 'chicks'," refer back to #2 and get out.

"5. Guys who are rude to waiters. Waiters, baristas, the movie theater ticket person. If you're talking to them like they're beneath you, then that means you think you're better than they are, which, interestingly enough, actually means you are worse than just about everyone."  Before I started working in radio I was a server, since I was old enough to work.  If this guy was my customer I would HATE him and have to fight the urge to slip you a note telling you to leave him.  OR maybe I would just drop one of his fries on the floor on "accident" and put it back on his plate :P

"6. Guys who use the word 'slut.' If that guy doesn't know by now how crazy offensive that word is or the reasoning behind why it's insane to shame a woman for liking to have sex, since guys are never shamed for that (nor should anyone be), he can start walking now."  It's degrading...and what guy wouldn't want you to enjoy sex?  It would keep me thinking about what he might be saying behind my back with his friends.

"7. Guys who say super offensive things, and then tell you they're kidding and you can't take a joke. We have all dated or known this guy at some point. He'll tell you that you look like a fatass in that outfit or that you look like you're 40 when you're only 21, and then when you look rightfully pissed off, he makes fun of you because you can't take a joke."  Everyone knows that 50% of what people say when they're joking is truth.

"8. Guys who won't go down on you. Because it "tastes weird" or "smells weird"? Haha. No. First off, guy junk smells just as strangely as girl junk but you don't see us saying we refuse to do it."  We do it because we care about you and we want you to be happy.  Suck it up and be a man.

"9. Guys who don't like labels. I just hung my head and rolled my eyes because I have dated so many of these guys it's hilarious. Dude, if we've been dating six months and you're not seeing anyone else and neither am I, we're together."  This one really grinds my gears.  If you've been exclusive with a guy for a few months and he won't call you his girlfriend, I think, he's waiting for something better to come along and you're just there to pass the time.  If you're the one for him, he will show you in many different ways but this step will be cake.

"10. Guys who still talk about one specific ex all the time. If you know his one main ex-girlfriend by name because he constantly talks about how "Sarah" was always like this and "Sarah" is doing this now, just skip this guy all together."  HE'S NOT OVER HIS EX.  Do NOT be the girl that falls for this and definitely do not try to change him.  Have more respect for yourself, don't delay the inevitable heartbreak, and say goodbye NOW.

"11. Guys who never appreciate anything you do for them. I had a friend who was always asking me to do favors for him but would never say thank you, like I owed him all the things he'd ask me to do or I was an employee or something. Entitled people are the living worst."  If you're dating this guy, he will never do anything for you and you'll turn into his slave.  No thanks.  I rub your back, you rub mine.

Photo By: Scott Griessel/ThinkStock