A 26-year-old waitress at a Waffle House in North Carolina got a $1,000 tip last month, but they wouldn't let her have it . . . their policy is to automatically refund big tips on credit cards in case the person challenges it later on.  But after the "Charlotte Observer" covered the story, the customer found out what happened and wrote her a check directly.

Here we go again about a server who is being tipped by a customer that is just too much for the server to accept by "company" rules.  This is garbage. This exact same circumstance happened to my mom back in the day when she was given a $100 tip on a $25 meal. She also had to return the tip back to the customer. This is why servers are paid little to nothing hourly. In hopes that they will make it up in good tips. Tips aren't given, they are earned. I'm so happy that this customer heard about what had happened and personally wrote her a check. Bottom line, if you have never been in the service industry you don't understand how crucial it's that these men and women receive every single cent they earn. I don't think a company has a right to deny that from happening. Being a server myself of 10 years, I also believe in tipping 18% or more.