Ever wonder why Canadians say "Eh?"

My sister's boyfriend is from Canada and she visits often.  Every time she comes home, she has a new story about how different Canada is than the U.S. and it's quite entertaining.

1. "Eh?" Is actually a thing. People use it in place of a question mark. For example: "The weather is nice today, eh?" Its kind of odd.

2. Canadian money is weird. They have no one dollar bill. They have a one dollar coin that's called a "loonie" and a two-dollar coin called a "toonie". The actual bills are weird too. They are plastic and look like monopoly money. Google it, it's weird.

3. Canada has the coolest names for things. Okotoks, Banff, Manitoba, Regina (rhymes with vagina), Muskoka, Algonquin, and Saskatchewan. USA has New York, Ohio, and Idaho. Nothing cool to see here.....

4. They don't know how to say SORRY. They pronounce it SORE-Y. It drives me up a wall. Also, Justin Bieber is Canadian, but luckily he said it right in his latest hit.

5. They have Kraft PEANUT BUTTER. Go into a Walmart or Kroger in the states, and you won't find it. Why? I have no idea. For some reason, Kraft hates us and only sells their peanut butter and it is the BEST PB I've ever had. Not gunna lie I may have smuggled some across the boarder...

6. Canada has French on everything. You don't notice it until you fly on a plane and they have to give the whole "how to put on the seat belt and what to do if we crash" speech twice.

7. They don't have ESPN. They have TSN: The Sports Network. They mostly talk about curling (the weirdest sport) or talk about American sports. They love the Oregon Ducks because the boys basketball team has life four Canadians.

8. Converting everything to the metric system sucks. When someone tells you its 25 degrees outside, I automatically think its cold, however, 25 degrees Celsius is really 77 degrees Fahrenheit. America needs to quit being different and hop to the Metric system because when the speed limit sign says "100" I get really confused.

9. POUTINE. If you've never had poutine, you're missing out. It's French fries covered in cheese curds and gravy. SO GOOD. You can go through any McDonald's drive through and get your filling of poutine.

10. Making fun of America is a common pastime for them. Can we blame them? Nah, we are the laughing stock of the world, no big deal. #Trump?

They know SO much more about the states than the average American knows about Canada. I'm sure Canadian history classes are kind of boring since they haven't contributed anything to world history, so they mostly learn about America.